An amazing weekend in Val Vibrata for the last round of the Italian championship, where our racing team wins two Italian titles in a single day.
In 60 Mini Edoardo Mario Sulpizio started from pole position in final 1, involved in an accident he starts from the bottom and comes back up to 5th place. In race 2 with inverted grid he starts fourth and wins a thrilling race, with speed, determination and grit, winning the title of ITALIAN CHAMPION, the first for the TK yellow-black colors.
Christian Carratelli, also involved in the contact of race 1, in race 2 recovers fourteen positions, starting 19th and finishing 5th.
Federico Nardozi in X30 Senior fails to express his potential, finishing 12th in race 1 and 15th in race 2.
Antonio Piccioni repeats the ITALIAN TITLE in KZN Under for the second consecutive year, after having conquered the second place in race 1 and the 5th place in race 2, once again demonstrating the speed and potential of TK PASSION powered by Testagialla.
Happy weekend of Fabio Vacca in KZN Senior category, in continuous growth, he finishes both finals in 12th position.
We want to thank Testagialla Engines for the super engines, and all the partners who support us: Acqua Santa Croce, Mollificio Centro Italia, G Shop, Sulpizio Tartufi, Mol Active, KE Technology, Sicait, Blue Car Company, Imaf Racing Seats, Kobra Racing Suit, MR52 Management, AF design, DS Parts.
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