The company Taglienti Kart was founded in 1982 in Monte San Giovanni Campano, a town in the Province of Frosinone, thanks to the passion and ingenuity of its founder Roberto Taglienti. He already engaged in car since 1978, following the great passion for racing, he decided to start a career karting.

From 1982 to 1985 Robert dabbles in racing, until in 1985 was born the Taglienti Kart Team which begins to stand out in the national competitions, in the nineties the company continues to grow and there’s also the first results in the international field.

In the mid-nineties to support the growing customer base, the company relocates to Ceprano, in a large multi-purpose complex, at this time continue to get important results that confirm our working capacities in the international field with second place in the World Championship 125 FC 1996 with Giuseppe Palmieri.

In 2000 the company expands, the first-born Toniwho competes for some years with excellent results in national and international, open a new branch for the Racing Team in Monte San Giovanni Campano, from the moment you open a new cycle that sees ciociaro team continues to grow to this day, winning several titles in recent years and often Italian protagonists in international competitions with different riders.

In 2010, the relocation to a new facility of 700 square meters at the forefront ready to meet the needs of our drivers and customers in the following years 2012/2013 there was a technical upgrades with the arrival of new mechanics, technicians, the ‘purchase of new machinery to further improve the quality of work. To offer its customers a better service and top performance.

In 2014, after years of success and strong experience gained in the tracks of the world it has decided to create a chassis with our brand “TK” to offer our customers high-performance products, high quality, easy to drive and especially easy to develop, which can adapt to any condition with a few adjustments.

It is in this spirit that the Taglienti family continues its adventure of passion and dedication, thanking all those who over the years have followed us by giving us confidence in the future and those who will join us in this new adventure.

In 2015 the first results for the new TK chassis arrive, where the patron Toni Taglienti graduates vice-champion Italian in the 125 Prodriver Over, but only a few months later in the Italian Aci Karting Cup at the Kartdromo Valle del Liri the Ciociaro driver Luca Ferrara conquers the title with the brand “TK”, followed by Federico Centioni, also on TK.

2016 is the year where the chassis conquer more titles, winning 2 National Trophies with Federico Centioni and Carlo Caringi, followed by the victory of the Italian Championships of Daniele Cirelli (125 Prodriver Over) and Tommaso Polidoro (125 Club)

In 2017, just before the new homologations, where the “TK Passion” chassis will be born, the team accompanied by the chassis always proves to be among the fastest, conquering the victory in the Itlaino Championship with Lino Di Simplicio (KZ4) and the victory in the Italian Cup with Simone Ragno (KZ3 Under).

The Racing Team notice board is enriched with Trophies during the 2018 and 2019 seasons, with the victory of 3 National Trophies in three different categories, with Antonio Piccioni (KZ2), Lino Di Simplicio (KZ4) and Pierluigi Vigna (KZ3 Over). The “TK” chassis in 2019 win the Italian Citizens Circuit Championship with Rosario Di Pisa (125 Senior Club).