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Reliability, competitiveness and attention to detail, characteristics thanks to which it has always distinguished itself in the national and international karting scene and that allowed it to win, as well as results of prestige, trust and customer satisfaction.

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Baby Speed

Designed for Baby category, the TK Baby Speed is devoted entirely to riders aged 5 to 8 years of age and all those who want to start moving in the karting world.

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Mini Speed

The TK Mini Speed is the chassis made for children aged 8 to 12 years, which can run in the categories Mini or Cadets with 60cc engine, and…

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Designed for OK and OKJ, the chassis TK Passion is dedicated to all riders aged 15 and older who want to try their hand at OKJ – OK.

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Designed exclusively for the KZ category, the TK Passion is recommended for all riders, even with minimal experience, who want to try their hand in the highest category.

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Loris Spinelli And Alexandre Arrue, 2013 Vice-World Champion Drivers, Together For The 2020 Season In TK Racing Kart

In the middle of the 2020 karting season, TK Racing Kart does not slow down and, in view of the upcoming engagements, is pleased to announce the arrival in the […]

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