TK Baby Speed – Top Comer 50cc

Designed for Baby category, the TK Baby Speed is devoted entirely to riders aged 5 to 8 years of age and all those who want to start moving in the karting world. It provides a mechanical rear disc brakes, aluminum wheels and fairings kit decorated by graphics that reflect the design and colors of the chassis TK.
The chassis Baby Speed has been made in order to achieve maximum simplicity of use, safety and enjoyment of younger drivers. The frame made of tubes from 25 mm diameter allows the chassis to make it adaptable Comer 50cc engine with a rope starter and centrifugal clutch.

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Chassis TK Baby Speed
Switching off System shutdown button
Category Baby
Diameter tubes 25 mm
Material tubes 25CrMo
Pedals Standard
Spindles Diameter 17mm
Rear hubs Aluminium
Bearing support Aluminium
Seat Standard
Axle Diameter 25mm
Breaking system Mechanical
Engine 50cc Top Comer