Loris Spinelli And Alexandre Arrue, 2013 Vice-World Champion Drivers, Together For The 2020 Season In TK Racing Kart

In the middle of the 2020 karting season, TK Racing Kart does not slow down and, in view of the upcoming engagements, is pleased to announce the arrival in the team of a new driver in the KZ2 class: Loris Spinelli. The 2011 Karting World Champion, and 2013 Vice-World Champion, on Wednesday 26 August signed [...]

2020-08-26T18:00:41+02:00August 26th, 2020|

Safe & Emotion New TK Racing Kart Dealer

After reaching an agreement with TK Racing Kart, patron Ivan Pezzola's Safe & Emotion will be the new TK Racing Kart dealer - Puglia Region. Ivan's activity will be coordinated directly by the parent company and will provide for the distribution of the entire range of TK chassis in the Puglia Region, with the sales [...]

2020-07-30T10:57:34+02:00July 30th, 2020|

Automotive Champion, Gigi Ferrara Chooses TK Racing Kart

In the aftermath of the start of the season in motoring, he spent a whole day on the Valle del Liri International Circuit with the TK Racing Team, testing the TK Passion KZ version chassis. An excellent day for the TK Racing Kart, held on the Valle del Liri - Arce (FR) International Circuit, we [...]

2020-07-30T10:09:41+02:00July 30th, 2020|

TK Racing Kart In The High Parts Of The Ranking With Sulpizio And Nardozi

The International Circuit of Triscina (TP) hosts the first stage of the Italian Aci Karting 2020 Championship which will be decided on 5 rounds. Our team already present in the pre-race on Sunday 26 July 2020, where Nardozi (OKJ) and Sulpizio (60 Mini) bring the Yellow-Black colors up high. The Triscina Cup was held on [...]

2020-07-28T12:05:09+02:00July 28th, 2020|

Sulpizio Surprise In The First Round Of The Regional Championship

Karting starts again in the Lazio Region, Sulpizio the big surprise at the weekend in its first race in 60 Mini, conquers the 2nd place. A very good return to racing for the TK Racing Kart team in the Lazio Region on the Circuit of Artena (RM), present with 5 drivers in different categories. In [...]

2020-07-21T21:21:38+02:00July 21st, 2020|

Pirrotti Racer Kart And Salvatore Giammò Restart Greatly

Karting restarts in the Sicilian Region, in Phase 2 of Covid-19, and Pirrotti Racer Kart and Salvatore Giammò still demonstrate their potential with the TK Passion. In the 4th round of the Aci Karting Sicilia Regional Championship, held on the Circuit of Villarosa (EN), the Pirrotti Racer Kart Team takes to the track with 2 [...]

2020-06-23T11:38:10+02:00June 23rd, 2020|

Giammò and Pirrotti Racer Kart TK Racing Kart Carrier In The Sicilian Region

The good start of the season for Pirrotti Racer Kart and the Salvatore Giammò driver in the KZN Under continues also in the 3rd Round of the Aci Karting Sicilia Regional Championship . In the first two rounds of the Championship, the Sicilian duet wins a 2nd and a 4th place always fighting for the [...]

2020-03-09T18:23:51+01:00March 9th, 2020|

Positive debut for the TK Racing Team in Battipaglia for the 15th Alboreto Trophy

The 2020 season opens for the TK Racing Kart team at the Sele circuit in Battipaglia (SA) for the 15th Alboreto Trophy . The Racing Team present with 3 drivers in 3 different categories. In the 60 Entry Level Edoardo Mario Sulpizio, at the first race of the season, has a more than positive weekend on [...]

2020-02-24T16:13:04+01:00February 24th, 2020|

Archived The 2019 Season, The TK Racing Kart Aims To 2020

With the 2019 season now behind us, certainly with results below our expectations despite the good results of our young drivers. For 2020, thanks to technical and structural innovations, we are ready to embark on this new season with great confidence and determination, trying to hit our goals. Thanks to those who have supported us [...]

2020-01-03T16:26:34+01:00January 3rd, 2020|

Concluded The Last Event Of The Season For The TK Racing Kart Team

The last round of the season is concluded for the yellow-black colors of the TK Racing Kart house at the 24th Senna Trophy on the Naples-Sarno International Circuit (NA). In the 60 Entry Level Edoardo Mario Sulpizio category marks the fastest lap of the qualifying, placing himself in front of everyone. In the first qualifying [...]

2019-12-17T18:55:14+01:00December 17th, 2019|
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