The 2021 season has opened on the Valle del Liri Circuit (FR) with the first race of the year, the TK Official Team conquers 3 wins and a second place.
In the 60 Entry Level the young Alessandro Vano wins the third consecutive victory, taking home the full score.
Marco Martini Di Nenna and Christian Carratelli, the yellow-black bearers in 60 Mini, finish in 2nd and 10th position respectively.
In X30 Junior “en plain” for Federico Nardozi, pole position, victory in the pre-final and victory in the final.
Roberto Taglienti in KZN Junior, starts from pole position in the pre-final, finishes in 2nd position, but will not compete in the final.
In KZN Over Carlo Caringi wins the third victory of the day, demonstrating the potential of the TK Passion package – Testagialla Engines.
Carlo Caringi was also joined by Emanuele Villani, who finished in 5th position, and by Andrea Mosca, after an absence of 25 years, gets a 6th place.
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