The good start of the season for Pirrotti Racer Kart and the Salvatore Giammò driver in the KZN Under continues also in the 3rd Round of the Aci Karting Sicilia Regional Championship .

In the first two rounds of the Championship, the Sicilian duet wins a 2nd and a 4th place always fighting for the top positions .

On Sunday 8/03/2020 at the Triscina International Circuit (AG) the 3rd Round of the Aci Karting Regional Championship, Salvatore Giammò conquers the 7th qualifying position, gaining 3 positions concluding prefinal and final in 4th position with very good timing .

The next stage will take place on the Vincenza Ispica (RG) track, where the Pirrotti Racer Kart will continue the good work with the TK material .


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