The 2023 Italian Aci Karting Championship begins on the Cremona (CR) track, where over 250 drivers participate but the TK Kart racing team is not found unprepared and grabs the victories in KZN Under and KZN Over, bringing to light again the power of the TK Passion despite the adverse weather conditions.

In 60 Mini Gr.3 the standard bearers are Edoardo Mario Sulpizio and the new entry Vito Bigione. For the latter, a small driver of Sicilian origins in his first race with the yellow-black colors without ever having seen the Cremona track, he manages to perform excellent qualifying heats, recovering many positions, finishing in 31st place in the general classification ( for only one position does not go directly to the final). In the repechage under the incessant rain he starts from the first box and finishes in 12th position.

Edoardo Mario Sulpizio after a 7th place in qualifying in his group and 20th overall, is positioned in 27th position on the grid for Final 1, where he will not take part and in Final 2, he starts from the last box and finishes in 26th position.

Edoardo Taglienti and Christian Carratelli performed well in OK-N Junior, very fast but unlucky. Edoardo Taglienti was fast even under adverse weather conditions, obtaining a 9th time in qualifying, losing only one position after the general classification of the heats. In Final 1 he gains eight positions finishing 2nd but he will be inflicted a penalty which relegates him to the last box. In Final 2, with a beautiful comeback of fifteen positions, he ends up in 21st position.

For Christian Carratelli a comeback weekend after the difficult qualifying with the rain (P31), the same position he will keep in the heats. On Sunday he finishes race 1 in 18th position, gaining 13 positions from the start, while in the final he finishes in 29th position due to various contacts.

Difficult weekend in OK-N for Federico Nardozi who manages to find a good feeling only on Sunday, finishing the first Final in 16th position, while in the second Final he is forced to retire due to a contact.

Antonio Piccioni makes a great start in the 2023 Italian Aci Karting Championship in the KZN Under class, fast in both weather conditions, obtaining a 2nd place in qualifying and two second places in both heats which earned him the start from pole on Sunday. Piccioni doesn’t miss the opportunity and wins the first final, coming close to the podium in the second final, because with the reversed grid he starts from eighth position and finishes 4th.

To “keep company” with Piccioni is Tommaso Polidoro who returns to victory in KZN Over after a positive weekend that always saw him in the top-ten in any track condition and in any test (qualification, heats and finals), grabbing a double for the TK Passion in the first round of the Italian Championship.

In KZN Over, Polidoro’s teammates are Fabio Vacca and Ermanno Vandini, who struggled with the rain, but showed their good speed with the sunny weather conditions, finishing the first final respectively in 17th and 18th position.

In KZ2 first experience on the Cremona track for Roberto Taglienti, who after lapping little on Thursday, finds himself struggling with difficult track conditions on Friday. He managed to get a 14th position in his group in qualifying and 28th overall, and after a few overtakings in the heats he finished in 27th position overall, accessing the final directly. For some reasons he will not be able to play in the finals.

The next appointment will see the Racing Team engaged for two consecutive weekends on the “La Conca” track for the “WSK Super Cup by Mini – Mini National Trophy” and the “2nd round of the Italian Aci Karting Championship”.


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