The last round of the season is concluded for the yellow-black colors of the TK Racing Kart house at the 24th Senna Trophy on the Naples-Sarno International Circuit (NA).

In the 60 Entry Level Edoardo Mario Sulpizio category marks the fastest lap of the qualifying, placing himself in front of everyone. In the first qualifying heat due to a contact he relegated to the last position going up to 6th place. Recover in both finals finishing in 13th and 8th position, scoring the second best lap of the race.

The new entry in the X30 Senior, the Polish-born driver, Aleksander Bardas, in his first race with the TK team colors. Always among the fastest since Friday, he gets 15th place in qualifying; an unfortunate contact puts him out of the race in Final 1, being then forced to reassemble in subsequent races. In Final 2 he recovered as many as 22 positions finishing in 8th place and bodes well for Final 3, which after starting very well, leads more than a few laps to fight for the podium, but the umpteenth misfortune of a technical problem compromises the nice comeback finishing in 11th position, due to a penalty in 18th position.

In KZN Under, Matteo Del Vecchio and Salvatore Giammò immediately put themselves in evidence at the wheel of Testagialla powered TK Passion frames.

Matteo Del Vecchio qualifies with a 5th position, where he will be forced to the final comeback, after retiring in the first race, he finishes again in 5th position in Final 2, and in Final 3 after the puncture of the rubber on the 5th lap, he will succeed in finish the race in 3rd place.

Salvatore Giammò after qualifying in 13th box for Final 1, comeback 5 boxes, finishing 8th. In Final 2 a false start forces him to start from the bottom of the clearing where he ends in 10th position. In the Final 3 for a contact in the early stages of the race ends the weekend with a 13th place.

Good performance for Emanuele Villani in KZN Over, after qualifying in 7th position, due to technical problems and a contact does not end Final 1 and Final 2. In Final 3 from the last box, he climbed up to 9th place


The comment by Toni Taglienti, patron of TK : “The Ayrton Senna Trophy is presented as one of the most prestigious throughout the year. It has been a positive weekend, the team has always worked well, but due to various drawbacks our drivers could not prove their speed, where they will certainly return in the next appointment. “



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