Carlo Caringi takes the third step of the podium in the KZN Over, while Edoardo Mario Sulpizio takes the second step of the podium in the 60 Entry Level.

The “Aci Karting 2019 Italian Cup” event ends for the TK Racing Team, where it disputes a weekend always up to but struck by bad luck.

In 60 Entry Level, valid as a contour race, Edoardo Mario Sulpizio gained the third position in qualifying, finishing the prefinal in 4th position, but in the final he recovered 2 positions, finishing on the second step of the podium, marking the second fastest lap of the race.

Federico Nardozi in the X30 Junior, the only rider on the track with TK Passion, qualifying in 5th position. Qualifying heats start on Saturday, where due to a contact it ends in last position; concludes the second run in 8th position, recovering 5 positions from the starting grid. Unlucky in the final instead, after starting from 6th place, a contact compromises the race, concluding the race in the “Top Ten”.

In KZN Under Roberto Taglienti proves to be among the fastest, scoring Pole Position (+0.422 on second place). He immediately began the misfortune in the first heat on Saturday, a withdrawal due to a technical problem 7 laps from the end, while he was in second position. A good comeback in the second round of 8 positions, starting from 15th position up to 7th place. A retirement in the pre-final also compromises the starting position for the final, which once again demonstrates that he never backs down when it comes to reassembling, bypassing nine opponents in the decisive race, finishing in 7th position.

To succeed is Carlo Caringi, author of a beautiful, almost perfect week in the Aci Karting Italian Cup. Two fifth places earned in the heats allow Caringi to start from the fifth box for the pre-final. After finishing the prefinal in sixth position, in the final the TK Passion motorized Testagialla helps him not to miss a beat in the first, agitated, race phases, characterized by a very tight battle behind the leaders. Caringi manages to gain the third position with some good overtaking. For him another important result achieved, in prestigious competitions.

Behind him ends Tommaso Polidoro, scoring the second time in qualifying, winner of the first race, also winning in the second run, finishing in 3rd place. Among the protagonists also in the final, closing in 5th position.

The author of a good weekend, always growing, was Emanuele Villani, in his third race throughout the year, he ends the heats respectively in 8th and 6th position; he is forced to finish the pre-final after the first corner due to an accident. Also for him the final was a comeback race, starting from the 19th box, he finished in 9th position.

In KZ2 in continuous growth from Friday for Raffaele Andreoli, concludes the weekend in 5th position.

The next round of the TK Racing Team track will be at the Viterbo International Circuit from 15 to 17 November for the Aci Karting 2019 National Trophy .




KZN Over Podium – 3rd position Carlo Caringi



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