The 5th and last stage of the 2019 Italian Aci Karting Championship ends on the Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata (TE) track.

Among our drivers engaged in 60 Mini, Edoado Taglienti, 22nd place in his group’s qualifying. On Saturday all qualifying heats start, where the Ciociaro rider fails to finish the first run due to a technical problem, but in the second run he recovers as many as 4 positions, not useful to go directly to the final and forced to the final. repechage, finishing in 14th position due to a penalty.

In X30 Junior Emanuele Bruscino continuously improving throughout the weekend, finishing in 22nd position.

In KZN Under Tommaso Polidoro obtained a 19th overall position after qualifying on Friday, climbing back to 14th position after qualifying heats. In Race 1 he maintains the starting position, while in Race 2 he gains 2 positions concluding the weekend in 12th place.

Roberto Taglienti joins Tommaso Polidoro in KZN Under, a debut for him in the Italian Championship, starting with a 17th position in qualifying. Concludes the first run in the top ten in 10th position, but due to a penalty he retreats to 13th position. Bad luck in the second heat while he was in 6th position, a contact forced him to abandon the race. The first race starts on Sunday from 28th place, but the umpteenth contact at the start of the race will lead him to the rear, where he will be able to climb up to 26th place. In Race 2 he will end with technical problems due to yet another contact.

Really noteworthy also what was shown on the track by Raffaele Andreoli in KZ2, concludes the qualification in 18th position, and both heats in 19th place. Sunday demonstrates all the potential of the TK Passion frame gaining 5 positions in Race 1 and finishing 14th. With a great shot in Race 2 he immediately moved into 10th position, who had little time after being involved in a race contact.



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In the picture: Raffaele Andreoli